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Howdy ya'll, and welcome to the rootin'est, dootin'est, booty scootin'est Saloon in all of Eorzea!! We've got a bit of everything here, including:

  • The Grand Ole Bard Stage featuring bands from all across the world

  • Our glorious Fight Pit where you can test your strength against the very best in air hockey, ride the mechanical Dhalmel, or a traditional ole beatem up bar fight!

  • A glitzy Gamba Lounge where you can play one of our MANY games & win some gil!

  • And of course, one of if not the BEST RP-Immersive Bar you'll find anywhere!

Huckleberry Vision
To be the happiest, goofiest, and most fun saloon Eorzea has ever seen

Huckleberry Values
Kindness, Respect, Inclusivity, Community

Open Tuesdays


huckleberry game lounge

Huckleberry Staff

huckleberry game lounge

huckleberry game lounge

Doc Laladay


Doc was a pre-med student at an Eorzean University until whiskey and cards got the best of him, at which point he began a years-long adventure of meandering and gambling. A lifelong drifter moving from one town to the next, it wasn't until he got lucky in the housing lottery that he realized he had a passion for running a saloon. When he's not at the Huckleberry, he can be found wandering around to other venues, doing roulettes, leveling crafters, and other such relaxing stuff. As a retired raider, he evades at all costs the higher end game content.

Donovan Adovan

General Manager
Master of Ceremonies

Dono was a travelling bard, going from venue to venue. One fateful day he came across Doc's saloon and was instantly infatuated. With some assistance from his contacts in the Syndicate, Dono bought an equal share in the Huckleberry Saloon and took over as the house bard, as well as assuming the role of G.M. Over time the two started an underground moonshine operation to supply the saloon directly, and business began to boom as the bar became known for it's top of the line liquors and (thanks to Doc) it's continuous lineup of Bards to entertain the patrons. These days Donovan has a reduced bard schedule, but is always busy behind the scenes ensuring the Huckleberry machine never stops.

huckleberry game lounge

huckleberry game lounge

Rho Daedalus

Fight Manager

Fight master Rho is always in search of the most unique fighters that Eorzea has to offer, whether they have raw martial ability or an uncanny talent for buffoonery and hijinx.No stranger to dancing on the stage or the battlefield, Rho loves the unexpected and aims for it to happen every week at the Huckleberry.Don't let his soft smile fool you - the whiskers on Rho's face are painted with the blood of fallen fight pit combatants. Will you be next?

Rendchewer Suncharr

Bartender Extraordinaire

This Charismatic Hrothgar begins his tale from when he found work as a chauffeur. Rend quickly gained his reputation among those who travel with him, always inviting fun stories and exchanges.Though his roots are from the big city, he'd always find solace in visiting small townsfolk and listening to bard music scores. Eventually, he wandered into a hole-in-the-wall bar, where he met a tall white eared mixologist. Rend was inspired, taking on a new trade he now loves dearly.Putting all of his skills together, he aimed to set a high standard of service to his patrons. This standard was noticed by a passerby—Donovan, who offered Rend a deal he could not refuse. "Townsfolk, Bards, and top of the line mixology?! You got yourself a bartender."

huckleberry game lounge

huckleberry game lounge

Raven Alabastor

Jack of All Trades

Having landed in the world of Ethyris, he struggled to attempt to blend in. His youngest followed him and they now travel the land looking for home. On his travels, he was found by a small business owner who asked him if he'd help out, which is how he began work at this saloon.

Eldrick Da'Capo


Eldrick started life as a half Hyur and half Elezan in Gridania as an archer. He ran away from the city as a young adult seeking adventure. He found it at the docks in Limsa as a member of the rogues guild. He traveled the world, mastering his martial capabilities. Soon he found the hack n slash rather boring and took up the art of the Red Mage. Now he is a mercenary for hire, putting his blade and magic to use across the land.When he is not fighting primals or delving dungeons he helps out at the Huckleberry Saloon as a town crier, spreading the word of our fantastic establishment!

huckleberry game lounge

huckleberry game lounge

Nightingale Scarlet

Dealer & Game Designer

Hailing from deep forests north of Garlemald, Nightingale's upbringing was very isolated, like many, she was raised in a village of all Viera. That is until she ventured too far from the village border and was captured by a passing Garlean patrol. From then she spent several years in gaol, she had all but given up when suddenly the castrum she was being held in was attacked. A Bozjan Hrothgar leading the charge seen Nightingale and freed her, before long he was training Nightingale how to fight and not long after that she became a mercenary of some repute.

Jesse Khoh


Jesse grew up on a chocobo ranch in Gridania. But as much as she loved the country life, her true passion was always dancing. She had a dream of someday becoming a professional dancer and as soon as she was able, she set out for the big city to make her dreams come true. One night a friend took her to the Huckleberry and she instantly fell in love. The music, the atmosphere, the people, it was like a home away from home. She auditioned for a job as a dancer as soon as she could and was elated when she got the job. She's finally making her dreams of being a professional dancer come true, and found a new family and a place she can call home. She still goes back and helps her family on the ranch when she can, but this is where she was meant to be.

huckleberry game lounge

huckleberry game lounge

Melodi & The Muses

Huckleberry House Band

Melodi & The Muses are a quartet that leans heavily into the Rock genre.Melodi started about 2 years ago as a solo bard and gradually migrated to quartet. She prides herself on her edits and often does commissions for others looking for solo songs.Melodi, Ari'a, Aida, and Lyra are sisters and the Daughters of Mnemosyne, also known as the Nine Muses. While their other five sisters are off inspiring other bards across the cosmos, The Muses tend to stay close to a good time with friends, and anywhere else inspiration sends them across Eorzea.

Alzabet Smallberries

Expert Decorator

In the clandestine world of illicit trade and covert operations, Sadie Smallberries stands as a beacon of innovation and craftsmanship. Born into a family with a long history of discreet dealings, she was destined for a life that would blur the lines between legality and subterfuge. Sadie honed her skills in the most unconventional ways, working alongside locksmiths, escape artists, and even illusionists.Regarded for its elegance, intricacy, and efficiency her designs are more than mere structures; they are functional works of art. Her clientele includes powerful crime syndicates, intelligence agencies, and even the occasional rogue government organization.

huckleberry game lounge

huckleberry game lounge

Argus Swangus

Lead Security Guard
Triple Triad Master

This Ishgardian raised Miqo'te found his humble beginnings through a blacksmith guild he calls family. Though Argus is small in stature, the iron will and strict family forged him into the man he is today—along with holding his liquor.Argus would always yearn for the world outside his smithy walls. After a tearful goodbye, he'd pick up odd jobs to keep food in his stomach. Through some exchanges, he landed a role to guard a wealthy and cunning fellow, a master of Triple Triad. A Triad player never reveals their secrets, but Argus' watchful eye had an aptitude for it, indulging with patrons for extra Gil.As Argus searched for new challengers, he bumped into Doc Laladay along the way. Without missing a beat, this quirky Lalafell keenly understood Argus' skills, offering him something he had begun to miss. A family.

Olarra Vae

Newspaper Editor

Olaara is the Huckleberry's resident editor and legacy evil alchemist/mixologist, having concocted the bar's famous and infamous drinks menu while in the throes of darkest nightmare. She often lurks in the hidden depths under the saloon's floorboards and will occasionally come out into the light for music and booze.

huckleberry game lounge

huckleberry game lounge



Nebu can be found with her hand in a wide variety of cookie jars including dancing, drawing, home design, and more. However, her passion, and the one to which she devotes the most time is, of course, her photography. Zipping around Eorzea with camera in hand, she’s always ready to catch that perfect moment in action. Her work speaks for itself amid the sea of talented photographers scattered throughout the land in the wide variety of angles, colors, and filters she’s known to employ in her work. You might have the fastest draw in the west, but I can promise you it’s not faster than her shutter speed! Find her wandering around Huckleberry if you get the chance and hit her up for a photo or two!

Neveah Targaryen


Just your average gpose fanatic here to capture your memories and times together at Huckleberry. Down to earth and friendly, if you see me around give a wave or a dote and say hi!

huckleberry game lounge

huckleberry game lounge

Haro Kiti

Caterer/Menu Planner

Owner of the HELLO Kitty Grand Café & Event Catering! Even though I'm only about the height of five apples, I'm BIG on love! I have a kawaii sister named Mimmy, that's really not THAT bad of a Chef, as she claims. I love music, art, and Mama's homemade apple pie, so much that I decided to share tasty treats, smiles, and lots of love to every corner of Eorzea! Because as we say here at Hello Kitty, you can never have too many friends!

Mono'Sono Glu'tame

Fortune Teller

Within the sprawling landscapes of the Three Great Continents, tales whisper of a diminutive figure with unparalleled foresight—Mono, the Lalafell Seer. With eyes that gleam like twilight stars and an enigmatic and endearing presence, Mono has become, according to patrons, a legend, guiding DJs, owners, and commoners alike on inquiries and insights. Whenever you see a full moon in the sky, know that Mono will be near to help shine through the darkness of uncertainty in your journey.

huckleberry game lounge

huckleberry game lounge

Chibii Usagi/Wynter Moon


A lot of you might know me as Wynter Moon, but my actual main is a lalafell named Chibii Usagi!
Chibii was born and raised in Central Shroud. She wanted to find something to do when she wasn't busy with well, saving Eorzea, so she went to the Foundation one day and met an aura named Wynter. Together, they started a photography business. Chibii is the boss of their business and truly loves to take photos. If you see her or Wynter on the dance floor, just ask and I will take your photo!

Mandy Rose


Mrs Santa Clause/Mandy Rose is one of the Huckleberry's sfw dancers. On most tuesday nights, you can find her on the dance floor vibing to the music, chatting up guests, and checking in on her teammates to make sure everyone is doing well. If you see her at the venue, do be sure to say hello!

huckleberry game lounge

Gamba Lounge & Arcade

huckleberry game lounge

NEW: Yeehaw Bowling

Bowling has arrived at Huckleberry Saloon!Rules:
Players will join party to play.
Round 1
-Player starts the game by rolling /dice 10
-Rolling a 10 is a strike.
-Rolling 2 or below the first roll is a gutter ball.
Round 2+
-Player rolls /dice [X], where X is the difference between their roll and 10 (For example, you roll 7 on your first roll, so your second roll will be /dice 3)
-If you roll a 9 on on your first roll of this round, roll /dice 2 on your second roll (1 being a miss, 2 to pick up the spare)
Click here to check out the LIVE score sheet!HUGE thanks to Bowl-A-Rama and The Forum Shopping Center for permission and inspiration for this game!

Cards of Fated Fortune

1-7 players / bets are against the dealer"The Sisters of Fate have taken an interest in mortal's obsession with gambling, and have created a game allowing those brave (or foolish) enough to challenge the scales that balance their very Fate.
Will you be blessed with great fortunes?
Or will you find yourself cursed with famine?"
This game is played with Astrologian's cards, and consists of 2 rounds in which you want to have more Orbs of The Fates than the dealer while maintaining balance on Fate's scales, (scores can fall between 2-14, within these scores the scales are balanced when your Orb count is between 6 and 10, so totals of 2-5 and 11-14 represent your scale tipping, and a loss for that game) those who play too safe may not have enough to beat the dealer, while those who get too greedy my find their scales tipped and lose everything.Round 1
Starting from the player on the dealer's left, everyone gets 1 card "drawn" for them. Each card gives you 1-7 Orbs of The Fates (listed below) and from there the player has the choice to keep that card and have it "played" or "redraw" and have a new card played for them, the dealer is then "drawn" a card and may "play" or "redraw". Play then moves on to round 2
Round 2
Same as round 1, those with less than 6 or more than 10 Orbs after redrawing will have tipped their scales and be out for that game. After round 2 everyone's totals are added up and those with balanced scales, and with more Orbs than the dealer win the round, earning a 2x payout
Card Values - these will also be said per draw to reduce confusion during play
The Balance = 1 or 7 (Player's choice but can't be changed after)
The Arrow = 2
The Spear = 3
The Bole = 4
The Ewer = 5
The Spire = 6
Example Round 1
Player 1 is drawn The Spear for 3 Orbs
Player 1 chooses to redraw
Player 1 is drawn The Ewer for 5 Orbs, The Ewer is played
Player 2 is drawn The Balance for 1 or 7 Orbs
Player 2 chooses not to redraw, and chooses 7 Orbs, The Balance is played
Dealer is drawn The Spear for 3 Orbs
Dealer chooses not to redraw, The Spear is played
Example Round 2
Player 1 is drawn The Bole for 4 Orbs
Player 1 chooses not to redraw, The Bole is played
Player 2 is drawn The Arrow for 2 Orbs
Player 2 chooses to redraw
Player 2 is drawn The Spire for 5 points, The Spire is played
Player 2 has too many Orbs (7+5) and has tipped their scales, losing this round
Dealer is drawn The Spear for 3 Orbs
Dealer chooses to redraw
Dealer is drawn The Bole for 4 Orbs, The bole is played
Player 1 has more Orbs than the Dealer while maintaining balance, Player 1 wins the gameThe Sisters Final Gambit
"This mini-event triggers if the dealer and another player(s) are both tied at 10 Orbs each at the end of round 2, if the player wishes, they may take the sisters final challenge, a deathroll for their fate....Will you prove strong enough to overcome this challenge, or will you succumb to the Sisters will?"
if accepted, the player will start the challenge with a /dice in party chat (only /dice rolls will be considered valid, to not mix up with Giveaways/RP Bar Fights)
the dealer will then roll off of the result of the first roll, and so on until someone rolls a 1. The person who rolls the 1 forfeits the pot to the other

Jin's Dice Shots

🍺 JIN's Dice Shots - Drinking Game Instructions :Docbeer:1️⃣ You pay an entry fee, agreed upon with the group2️⃣ Each player gets ten shots (drinks)3️⃣ Each player will take turns downing all their shots4️⃣ When it's your turn, drink a shot,
then roll a dice from 100 (/random 100),
then take another shot,
rolling again down from the number you got
5️⃣ If you can down all ten shots without rolling a 1,
you win the pot! If more than one person wins,
the pot is split among the winners!
6️⃣ If no one is successful to down all ten shots,
the one player who downed 8 shots or higher
will win double the Gil they put in. If more than
one downed the same, each will still win double

Huckleberry Squat Challenge

The Huckleberry Squat Challenge is a weekly game at the Huckleberry that everyone can play if they choose to! It takes about five minutes and is ran toward the end of the night.Doc keeps track of the winners week after week, and every couple months (which comprise a season) the winners are invited to a squat-off, in which they will all compete in a champions squat challenge for a $20 or less mogstation award.Each round requires a /random roll, and you must roll higher and higher each round!
Round 1 needs a 50 to continue
Each next round proceeds in increments of 100. For example:
Round 2 needs a 100 to continue
Round 3 needs a 200 to continue
Round 4 needs a 300 to continue
Round 5 needs a 400 to continue
Failure to meet the required roll means your legs have reached muscle failure and you are out!Last squatter left squatting wins. If multiple people end up out at the same time and nobody is left, SUDDEN DEATH ensues.For sudden death, we'll do a GIGASQUAT among the last round's contestants...highest roll will win!

DateHB Squat Challenge Winner
huckleberry game lounge

Air Hockey

Air Hockey can be played against another guest or against the game master. Games against the game master are max bets of 100k. Games against other players are max bets of 1 million gil. The players must all be in party chat with the game master. It is played in party chat so the rolls do not intersect with other activities. The game is played at the air hockey table.Rules:
/dice 7 until you get 1.
Best 2 out of 3 wins!

Deathroll Arcade

Deathroll Arcade can be played against another guest or against the game master. Games against the game master are max bets of 100k. Games against other players are max bets of 1 million gil. The players must all be in party chat with the game master. It is played in party chat so the rolls do not intersect with other activities. Players will take their seats at the arcade machines. Players will use /dice instead of /random, with normal deathroll rules.Rules:
-players will take turns doing /dice 10 in party chat. Best of 3. Highest roll wins. Can place friendly wagers against other players or play against the house for a max bet of 100k.
Note: The Huckleberry Saloon's arcade machine design is directly inspired by House of Seoul's arcade machines. With their consent, Doc brought the design to the Huckleberry Saloon. House of Seoul is open every Sunday night. Find out more about them at

Also Available: Blackjack & Hold'em Poker

Yeehaw Bowling

What in tarnation, bowling lanes at a saloon? I'll be daggumed if'n that ain't the silliest thing, but yes!

Fortune Telling

The Huckleberry Saloon is thrilled to be working with Mono'Sono Glu'tame, owner of Queen of Cups, to bring the tarot card reading experience to the venue. Fortune telling/tarot card reading was common in the old west, and we appreciate Mono bringing her expertise to our saloon for the community to enjoy. To learn more about Mono's reading style, or more about Queen of Cups, please visit their card.

huckleberry game lounge

Bard Schedule

huckleberry game lounge

Guest Bard Schedule

February 2024Weekly bard schedule returning to the carrd in February

Date                        -       |       -       |       -  

Huckleberry House Bards

The DonoCellos

huckleberry game lounge

Melodi & The Muses

huckleberry game lounge

Huckleberry Memories

Valentiones Day 2024


Anniversary Yeehaw Glam Contest

VIP Party!

Wild West Glam Contest

Valentione Photos (By Wynter Moon)

St. Patty's Glam Contest

Princess Bride Glam Contest

Pride Glam Contest

Anime Glam Contest

Lalafell Glam Contest

2024 BerryFest (winter festival)

The Huckleberry Guest Book

Our Pardners

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Archer's Den

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